Electrosaurus Southern Sound Studio



ELECTROSAURUS SOUTHERN SOUND STUDIO is one of today’s funkiest analog recording studio’s around, based in the beautiful old city centre of Utrecht, The Netherlands. Pablo van de Poel stands at the helm of this analog battleship that gives birth to the dirtiest sounds to be found in today’s music while fighting its guerilla war against the extinction of Tru-Soul™ and the suppression of rock and roll by the digital terror.

Armed with a 24-track MCI tape recorder, vintage outboard gear, a selection of crazy sexy instruments and influenced by those old rock, southern soul and blues records from the 1960′s and 1970′s you love, the Electrosaurus wants YOU at the frontline of the analog revolution!

Enlisting in the Electrosaurus Analog Army is 100% safe, awesome and not overly expensive. However, it’s not for everyone: the Electrosaurus’ particular sound might not be suitable for all styles of music and we are not a typical commercial all-round studio. Music is very personal and we want to put as much soul into the music as the musicians that record here themselves, but to be able to do this there has to be a musical connection. But hey, there’s a lot of music we LOVE so please send us an email for any questions! Please include some raw audio material/Youtube/Soundcloud link.

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Pablo’s Electrosaundtrack

electrosaundtrack site

Belle of Louisville

Belle of Louisville website

Catawba River Fox

Catawba 2 website

Electrosaurus Rhythm Section

electrosaurus website soundtrack


southern sunrise electrosaurus website


Morgana's Illusion electrosaurus website


Catawba river fox




faut haut website



Of course gear is important and a lotta fun. However, gear ain’t everything. I’ve heard people with 500K+ Neve boards and super duper fancy 2” tape recorders create the most boring sounds in the universe. That’s not how we roll.

Microphone – tube preamp – tape recorder – awesome sounds; that’s what we’re into. We value old school recording techniques and knowledge of how to squeeze the best sounds out of equipment over super expensive gear. Just check out the Electrosaurus Sounds and you’ll understand what we’re talking about!

  • MCI JH-24 2″ 24 track tape recorder

  • Studer 928 36-channel console

  • EMT 140 mono tube plate reverb

  • Manley Stereo Vari-Mu Compressor

  • Altec 1567a 5 channel tube mixer

  • AEA R44 Ribbon microphone

  • Peluso 2247 tube condensor microphone

  • Warm Audio Pultec style EQ

  • Thermionic Culture Solo Vulture

  • 1960′s Shure Level-Loc limiter

  • Telefunken (AEG) M15a 1/4” master recorder

  • 1960’s BBC stereo tube preamp

  • 1960’s Analogue Addicts tube mic preamp

  • Adam A7 monitors

  • Furman LC-3 compressor/limiter

  • Fulltone Tube Tape Echo

  • Gibson Reverb III spring reverb unit

  • Art Pro VLA II stereo tube compressor

  • Maestro Echoplex EP-4

  • Yamaha NS10 monitors

  • & a small yet sufficient selection of new and vintage dynamic & ribbon mics

  • Upright piano

  • 1950’s Hammond M3

  • 1960’s Leslie 145

  • 1960′s Fender Rhodes Bass

  • Wurlitzer electric piano

  • Philicorda organ

  • Korg MS-20 analog synthesizer

  • 1960’s Gretsch Round Badge drumkit

  • 1920’s Desert Eagle drumkit

  • 1949 Silvertone amplifier

  • 1970’s Fender Bassman Ten

  • Marshall Bluesbreaker

  • Gibson electric & acoustic guitars

  • Fender Blues Deluxe

  • & a nice collection of snares, percussion instruments & fuzz pedals


    Please get in touch with us for additional information about Electrosaurus and our studio.